ML/AI Split #6: Burak Canboy, WinRAR CEO

ML/AI Split #6: Burak Canboy, WinRAR CEO

[ML/AI Split #6: "A look into the global AI/ML trends" by Burak Canboy, WinRAR CEO]

Unlike previous lectures and workshops, this time something different: Burak Canboy will have a presentation of what is currently happening in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What are the big projects?
What are the big companies doing?
What are the easiest ways to learn about the technology
What is happening in China?

After presentation as usual follows discussion & networking with pizza & beer

/Burak Canboy is Strategic Investor & WinRAR CEO. He has a wealth of experience in technology companies, he likes to be involved in projects such as Angel Investor, early-stage investor, strategic partner, partner and distributor of White Label, consultant, chairmen and partner in M ​​& A./

Our meetup venue is PICS@FESB with juices, pizza & beer and pleasant atmosphere during and after meetup...
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